Sweet Recipe Book Printable




Sweet Recipe Book Printable from Cheryl Seslar Designs (Whimsical Inklings by Cheryl) includes country primitive recipe book with girl and includes front and back cover, recipe card, and three dividers.

Sweet Recipe Book Printable files are in large jpeg format. They would be perfect   with your traditional scrapbooking, digital scrapbooking  and other printable projects.

The Sweet Recipe Journal Book Printable can be your secret to success from one meal to the next.  Never again wonder what your secrets to success are with all of your favorite dessert recipes.

Do you like to cook?  A recipe journal is a wonderful way to journal your favorite family recipes.  Journal your way with this “one of a kind” journal.

From start to finish add special tidbits of information about how grandma or your mom created her family favorites.

To make your journal more special add pictures of your family gathered together at the dinner table.  Those special moments will always be in your journal.  What could be more special than grandma’s picture included with her favorite recipe?

Do you like to draw?  Doodle pictures of your favorite dish showing the various types of spices, herbs and ingredients along with the recipe.

Can you see these adorable printable journal books filled with all of your family recipe favorites? There is no better way to honor your special loved one.  Family traditions and tips will be there for generations to come.  You can give each family member a copy of their own to cherish forever.  Your children will always have grandma’s favorite dessert recipe in their journal.

You can print out as many pages as you need with this “print your own” project file.  Create to your heart’s content. You can print out as many pages as you need with this “print your own” project file.  Create to your heart’s content.  Start your journal tradition today.  Join in the fun today.

Teresa’s Country Treasures is an upgraded seller for CSD.

The advantage to being an upgraded seller for Cheryl Seslar Designs (Whimsical Inklings)  means you may now use the country clipart, graphics, digital art, printables for commercial use with no license fee.

There are some restrictions, so please be sure to CAREFULLY read Cheryl Seslar’s country clipart, graphics, digital art, printables Terms of Use before purchasing.

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